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Business Planning Using Cycles

Using personal and business cycles will make you more effective in every way.  What are your plans?  There is a way you can make every minute count.  The changing minutes, hours, days, months, and years bring changing conditions, thoughts, and opportunities.


The secret strategy to your greater success is to understand the quality of time that expresses through your personal and business cycles so that you will know what the time at hand is best suited for.  Is it a time to start something new, to branch out, to invest, and to further your interests through others, or a time to be patient and methodical?

Cycle Charts


Your business cycle chart details: 


  • the conditions of your business cycle year based on the registration date, or date of incorporation, or the opening of your bank account. Find out if it is a good year to expand your business? To go into partnership?  Or is it the time to consolidate and be patient?


  • the conditions of each cycle month

  • what activities in each month should be undertaken when combined with the yearly conditions?  Is it a time for minor changes, sociability, promotion, or a time to hold back from making important decisions? Make the right goals every month.


  • the conditions of every cycle day

  • what short term goals to implement within the month—take clients to lunch, get the accounting finished, go for that expansion idea, or spend some time alone in contemplation?


Follow your cycles and see the difference in being guided by nature’s rhythms that express through time.


We are offering a special on the purchase of cycle charts:


Hard Copy                    Full Year Chart              $95 + postage

Electronic Copy            Full Year Chart              $85

Electronic Copy            ½ year charts                $55

Jan. to June

July to December

For best savings, purchase a full year for $85 and get the following year for $42.50! Call us at 1-866-489-1188 or 604-263-9551 to place your order.

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