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Pet Names

The little animal who loves you unconditionally is deserving of the best.  Deciding what to call your pet is always challenging, but these few guidelines can make it easier:

1.  Giving your pet a balanced name is a wonderful chance to create its personality in the manner you would like.  Even though an animal cannot respond like a person, a balanced name will give your pet a happy, affectionate, stable disposition to the extent that its instincts allow.  Some animals are naturally friendlier than others whose instincts to protect may be stronger.  

Pets can suffer the same health problems as humans because of the names given.  With a balanced name and proper foods, your pet can live a long and happy life.  We can help you choose the right name for your pet.  

2.  It is better to keep the pet name simple. 

3.  Avoid names that sound like command words such as “Joe” which could mean “no”.  (Joe is not the right name for your pet anyways!)

4.  Try to name your new pet within the first two weeks so it can learn quickly to respond to the name.

Remember that all animals that are named are given their temperament through the name.  A change of name can turn an unpredictable animal into a placid pet.  Name is a powerful energy that influences all things to which it is attached.  

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