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Business Name Creation

Since 1961, we have been dedicated to crafting creative strategies that shape and promote brand acceleration. From concept ideas to execution, KALEX is here to help you every step of the way in coming up with a business name that spells success.

Naming your business is a process.  Not only do we come up with the best name to describe your products and/or services, we ensure that the names are mathematically harmonized in order to attract the best opportunities available for you.  Your personal names are important too.  You are the driving force of your business. Visit to get your free personalized Name Report.  


What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name is a question pondered by many.  It is generally known that all scientific data is based upon mathematical formulae and that all physical life is dimensional form and subject to measurement.  The conscious energies of life work through languages made up of alphabetical letters in mathematical positions.  Each letter in its mathematical position expresses a particular quality of intelligence.  


When words are created and names are given, energies of intelligence are combined to form word power.  Thus, whether you are giving a name to a newborn or naming your business, you are putting together energy formulas that will have a big impact on the thinking of your child or the direction of your business.  

Balance Your Business Name

The Mathematical Principle found in the Kabalarian Philosophy plays a big part in naming your business.  Think of your business name like a farmer's fertile field. When you plant seeds in fertile soil it has a much greater chance of growing to harvest with less effort than seeds planted in stony, unfertile earth.  There is energy in good soil that helps the seeds to grow.  There is energy in a business name that can create success from your ideas--or destroy them.  Think of the success of Ikea, Grundig, Windows, and iPod.  Those names all radiate a very strong energy; invisible but measurable, and in these cases the names measure success!


With your current business name, do you have customers who are continually slow to pay?  Are the employees working for the good of the company?  Do you have partners who take advantage of you?  Are you attracting your share of the market? Have you excellent ideas that never seem to materialize into long-term gain?  Do you put far more into your business that what you get out of it?  All these things can be understood and, if necessary, changed!


A business name can be a powerful positive influence or a hindrance on performance and morale. The right name conveys to customers immediately the image you want to project, while emanating the energy and strength you need to succeed.


From the moment you start using your business name, your company becomes defined by it.  More than you may have thought possible.  The business name determines the quality of the business environment, the type of personnel and clients the company will attract, the opportunities, the financial structure, the safety factor, and the degree of success or failure; in fact, the name influences every facet of operation. Why can’t top business people make a success of every business they start? Mr. Businessman is influenced by the qualities of the business name.


It is understood, naturally, that poor management can affect the best of companies. Business location, type and quality of commodities, and a country’s economic situation also have their relative effects and must be considered as well.


Nevertheless, a balanced name will bring opportunities more easily, and create a settled, stable environment. The people attracted to the business will be reliable, steady, and responsible. Therefore, with a balanced name and proper effort put forth relative to the natural cyclic law, a business can maintain steady growth and achieve success. 


Your Business Name

You need a company name. Move forward with our exceptional name creation service. A strong business name looks successful and sounds successful, but most importantly, it is mathematically balanced to convey a powerful energy that immediately connects with customers, investors, employees, and suppliers.  Your business name must be compatible across multiple platforms, including websites, social media, domain names, email, and other applications.  We will help you decide on a name that can strengthen every aspect of your business--from attracting prime prospects to instilling confidence and enthusiasm in everyone involved.


In naming your business, we will work together coming up with words and ideas that best describe your business.  Then our job will be ensuring that the energy created by the name is in harmony with your goals and will be an attractive energy linked to success.  Then it is up to you to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business to the fruition you want. 


What Your Business Package Includes:


  • 25 to 35 balanced name choices based on the information you give us

  • Best domain names and first words to be used on a daily basis

  • Best email address

  • 3 months of the best dates to start your business

  • Overview of the 9-year cycle patterns to assist you in long-term planning

  • Detailed monthly and daily cycle advice for three months for you and your business

  • Consulting for 12 months to help you with your business decisions! 

          (Actually the most important part of your Business Package)


Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation at 1-866-489-1188 (north America) or 604-263-9551 (International) or email:

Taylore Maxwell (

Order your Business Package online by clicking here.

In order to give you the best names possible, we will require the following background information:

  1. A description of the type of business, its products, markets, etc.

  2. A description of the goals you have for the company. (This could be an overview of your business plan).

  3. Any background information on your business that might help us identify the image that you want to achieve.  What is your background?  What brought you to this business?

  4. What are some of the words you would like in the name or would be required as part of the name; words that describe your business such as Electrical Services, Business Consulting, Enterprises, Management, Finances, Real Estate, Computer Services, etc.

  5. List words you particularly like. It can be single words that you favor or categories such as nature, technology, made-up words, etc.  These would the first words in the name, the words that the company will be called on a daily basis. We may not use these words but they will help us to determine the image you want.

  6. Will your business be a proprietorship, partnership, or an incorporated company?

  7. What incorporation ending choices can be used in your country?  Give us both the long form and the abbreviated form i.e., Incorporated and Inc., Limited and Ltd., Corporation and Corp., etc. 

  8. If your company is already incorporated what is the exact incorporation date?  If you have an existing business that is not incorporated what date was the bank account opened in the business name?  

  9. Describe the business relationship with any partners or co-owners that you might have. Who will be the main decision maker?  What is the ratio of investment between the partners?

  10. What are the birthdates of the owner(s)?

  11. What is your email, mailing address, phone number, and fax number?


Your answers to the above questionnaire will give us the background information we will use in giving you your choices of business names.  Pricing is dependent on the scope of the project.  Payment plans are available.

Contact Taylore Mahden ( with the above information or call us at 1-866-489-1188 or 604-263-9551 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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