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There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge. Our team of professional business consultants use their years of experience and knowledge to help you reach your business and personal goals. Check out what our clients are saying about working with Kalex.

What People are Saying...

Outstanding Job!  This is great stuff!  Great Stuff!  I will enjoy all of this, thank you it was worth every penny.
NK Washington, United States
Thank you for reply. I just knew this was it when I went thru all the names, but there were some [other] lovely ones as well.  Hope to speak to you soon.  Thank you. Kind Regards.
AK England
Thanks for the package - it is great, full of positive vibes, and a real joy! I ran through the list with my son last night, and we have come up with a combined list of preferences which we are in the process of refining. Things are really moving along, and we have already got a few leads on trade that will pay our rent in the first months if all goes well. I am very impressed, I must say!
DW Australia
Thank you for the fabulous package. I have registered these two domain names and am wondering about balanced e-mail addresses.  Thank you for so many wonderful choices.  
CH Canada
I had my name changed with your company's suggestions.  Still love it and never regretted changing it.   It does bring positive impact on my life!!
Wow.  I'm very excited.  I have scanned the Business Package and appreciate all your efforts and the very interesting name I have to choose from.  It is a little overwhelming to have so many exciting names available. I am so excited about the business report. Thank you again.

HR Florida, USA
Thank you so much for all your efforts and support, Darleane. 


Alannah USA
I am speechless!  This package is more than I expected; thank you.  
AH Canada
I wanted to let you know that life has really started to look up for me and that my artwork is going well. A lot has changed in my life over the last two years (since she balanced her business name).  I’ve attached a newspaper article written a few weeks ago. I have also been asked to go to Singapore by Cadbury Schweppes who are paying my fare and accommodation so that I can be there when the Australian High Commissioner unveils the sculpture at the beginning of June. Darleane, I would like to thank you for all your help and support.  It proved to be life changing, for the better. 
Cheers and best wishes, 
TM, Australia

The following are from clients commenting on following using the knowledge of cycles:
I was having difficulty in obtaining a merchant account for my new business.  In fact, the broker thought no bank would give me one.  I have to say that I wasn’t worried and knew that because I was following the cycles, .it would eventually come through.  A few days ago the broker called me to congratulate me on my new account. He was shocked - but I wasn’t!
KM    NC, United States
It is true that this month has been challenging with many companies and their unsmooth organization so it has been continually testing my patience in trying to start this business.  Sigh!!   For example, the mattresses just got here this morning but the chairs haven't.  Now I have to chase my interior decorator to get her to get the delivery guys deliver the chairs.  As things are coming together, slowly things are getting really nice and elegant.  I can't wait for it to open. I thank you for this.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for their support. In particular please convey my special thanks to your colleague Darleane; whose efforts provided some pivotal and at times inspirational input/contexting for some major business decisions I made during the course of the year.  May you all keep well and happy! With my best wishes and warmest regards. 
SJ Australia
How are you? It has been some time. (Name of business) is doing well and doing everything I wanted to do and more to come I am sure. Just read my business cycles and they get really interesting after July 18th this year.
You mentioned to contact you for further info for business cycles?  Thanks and I trust you are well and productive
I wanted to let you know how happy and thrilled I am about the business package that was developed for my company name. It is sensational. First of all, I thought I was only getting information for my company name. To my utter delight there were enough great names to name not only my company but also six of my service offerings!! You and I spoke max 15 minutes but the amount of marketing information (and numerologically balanced) information I got was amazing. I love all the names you developed. They were right on with respect to how I described what I do and what I wanted my new company to accomplish.
Furthermore, choosing the names for my service offerings greatly clarified in my mind what I bring to the table. Your group worked very efficiently and effectively and you listened to me, the customer. A heavy weight has been lifted from my chest. I am now going to develop marketing brochures, business cards, and a website but the essence of what my company does has been captured in the great names you developed. I cannot thank you enough for these great results!

It was frightening to read my name analysis two years ago when I received it from you company.  All my life I have been struggling against a current that kept me down a bit. With all my achievements there was something that was undermining my standing in life that I could not understand or point a finger at. Until I read the name analysis.
I believe in the Kabalarian Philosophy and I have been recommending your company to my friends and I shall do it in the future. I thank you again for your help and patience and please send me the details: name, address where I can send the money order for my personal cycle charts. I ordered and received them before (all nine) but they have been lost in the process of moving.
BD Australia
Thank you for the fabulous package. I have registered these two domain names and am wondering about balanced e-mail addresses for Sharon and me. Thank you for so many wonderful choices.
CT Canada

These names are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Now I have hard time to decide which one I like, because I love them all. We will narrow it down, and decide about the name, and than I hope we can talk on Monday, because I would like to incorporate the name on Tuesday (as you suggested it is a good date).
How about Ltd. or Inc. endings? Would that make the difference with the names? THANKS A MILLION!!! 
SB Canada
I just wanted to drop a quick note to you to say thank you so much for your help, patience, creativity, love of figuring things out, your time and wonder-full explanations to help me understand and choose and be encouraged AND thank you, for helping me find the perfect name for my company!  I love it and have begun the process of a logo FINALLY!  Wow! YAHOOO!  I’m so happy!

MH Canada

Wow, I'm having so much fun with my new business and how things are getting clear, focused, and feel so authentic to who I am (that authenticity has been impacted so greatly by my name change).  Thank you so much for the service that you offer . . . it has played an amazing role in my life. Thank you! I did incorporate on one of the recommended days!  It feels amazing to be creating an extension of "me" in the world and beginning
to work with amazing women as my clients!


It is for us the first time in many years that we can take a holiday together. Our business is doing well (since the incorporation of (Company name) based on the name suggested by your company) for the first time in the last
8 years. We are very grateful to the Society of Kabalarians for that!
KD Australia
I just wanted you to know that (Company name) was officially incorporated last Friday, (as per one of the recommended dates). YEAH!!! (Oh, that my personal name choice would become clear). Next, I will finalize the name registry...and then on to the other aspects of building my new business. (My elder daughter designed a simple, yet unique logo with which I am thrilled.)


THANK YOU so very much for your support (and patience) throughout this process. It has been a pleasure working with you. Here's to a Namaste life.
BB Canada
Thank you so much for my free name report. I was really impressed with the accuracy especially as I have had 3 last names changes since birth. I was only expecting a few pages and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that was sent to me in personal report. I first heard about your service 3 years ago when I commissioned a business name report. I had been in business twice before and out of curiosity I included these names as well suggestions for my new business just to check if your service was accurate. The report I received couldn't have been any more accurate showing the strengths and weakness of my earlier businesses. I was really impressed by the contact I had with my business consultant the professionalism, genuine friendly manner and the amount of information and the speed in which my report was done.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised with the value for money I received. By using the suggestions the name I choose was (Company name).  I constantly refer to my 9 year cycle plan and in doing so my business is going from strength to strength. It has literally helped by taking the guess work out of all aspects of my business. I have no hesitation in recommending your services Thank you once again for all the insight I received and continue to receive. 

Warm Regards,


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